Video: OCIO Chief Deputy Adrian Farley's Opening Remarks at Legislative Hearing on IT Projects, Discussion of $400 Million in Savings and Cost Avoidance

State Technology Update - November 24, 2008

At a legislative hearing last week, Chief Deputy Adrian Farley discussed California's Information Technology (IT) successes since the establishment of the Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) nearly two years ago. Among other things, Farley reported that since the IT capital planning process was established, the state has achieved more than $400 million in savings and cost avoidance. To watch his opening remarks, click on the image below or visit our website at

Mark Weatherford, Chief Information Security Officer

Established to provide a global view of state technology investments, the IT capital planning process is the way for the OCIO to oversee the development of state IT projects to ensure they are aligned with state agency priorities, business direction, statewide enterprise architecture, data sharing goals and overall IT strategy. The State Information Management Manual - Section 57- provides the details of the Information Technology Capital Plan.

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