California Project Management Office

The California Project Management Office (CA-PMO) provides centralized project management of Information Technology (IT) projects so that strategic benefits are realized through standardized frameworks, education, training, and tools and techniques based on proven best practices and lessons learned. CA-PMOs responsibilities include:

Service Delivery - Project Management Services Consulting and Advisory ServicesResources and Tools - Best practice-based frameworks, templates and tools.
Project Success
Training and Education - Courses related to and in support of Project ManagementCommunication And Collaboration - Forums for knowledge sharing

CA-PMO Vision

Be the provider of world-class project management services, resources, education and training to the state of California.

CA-PMO Mission Statement

The California Project Management Office (CA-PMO) mission is to provide resources and services to support state initiatives and projects by delivering expected outcomes, within budget, on time, and that are aligned with States vision and goals.