IT Project Oversight Division

The IT Project Oversight Division (ITPOD) has approval, suspension, termination, and oversight authority for California State Information Technology projects (Government Code 11546, et al). This includes maintaining policies and procedures for the approval, management, oversight and continuation of IT projects.

·Mission Statement

The IT Project Oversight Division assists Agencies/state entities in planning and implementing successful IT projects. To that purpose, we promote smart IT investments and effective project management practices.


During project oversight, ITPOD has the unique ability to leverage statewide experience to coach and guide departments through the many challenges State projects often face. ITPOD staff partners with each department to help plan and execute projects and to bring projects to successful deployment. The ITPOD focuses on ensuring the scope, schedule and costs associated with each project are adequately defined.

·ITPOD Focus

During the course of the oversight of each project, we will focus on the top five issues we have found that often derail state projects which we call "GRIDS". They are:

GRIDS Diagram

  • Governance: How is the project structured? Are decisions made timely at the appropriate level of authority? This includes not just the plan for action, but the action itself. Execution of governance (such as escalation plans) can ensure issues are addressed timely and escalated to the appropriate authorities to reduce risk to the project portfolio.
  • Risk and Issues: What are some of the risks to and issues affecting the project's success? Are they properly identified? Who is allowed to raise risks and issues? How is it done? Are risk mitigation and issue resolution strategies identified and managed?
  • Interfaces: Will the (new/enhanced) system interface with another? Who owns the system? Does this require data sharing with other (Federal/State/Local) agencies/entities?
  • Data Migration and Conversion: This is often the driving force behind an IT Project; there is a requirement to migrate and convert vast quantities of data. Has all the data been properly identified? Is data cleanup required? Will conversion occur prior to migration? Parameters are critical here, as are time frames.
  • Schedule: A baselined and fully resource loaded schedule is necessary for thorough project planning. Is the schedule being maintained to show actual completion dates, and thus start dates for dependent activities? Does the schedule properly identify all predecessors and successors?

·State Technology Approval Reform (STAR) Project


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To contact the IT Project Oversight Division, please call (916) 319-9223



Rebecca (Becky) Stilling, Deputy Director, IT Project Oversight Division

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