Effective Workforce Planning for California’s IT Workforce

Christie Borchin, Deputy Director, Office of Professional Development
Christie Borchin
Deputy Director, Office of
Professional Development

The California Department of Technology’s Office of Professional Development is pleased to offer this compilation of tools, advice, case studies, and recommended strategies for implementing a workforce and succession planning program within your department.

With 900 employees, the majority of whom occupy information technology-related positions, our department is committed to trying new and innovative ways to recruit, develop, and retain the next generation IT workforce. We are also dedicated to finding new methods for growing our current staff and implementing effective workforce and succession planning strategies for the future. We are happy to share our successes (and challenges) associated with these endeavors.

In most cases, the practices and recommended techniques discussed in this Guide were developed, tested, and executed in-house by the Office of Professional Development’s IT Workforce Planning Unit, a small group tasked with recommending viable solutions for departments statewide to address their workforce and succession planning issues. However, we recognize that departments vary widely in size and have therefore offered some alternative methods to suit a larger organization when appropriate.

We hope this collection of tools provides some assistance to you in addressing your unique issues related to workforce and succession planning.

Effective Workforce Planning for California’s IT Workforce

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