Information Technology Managers Academy XVI

As California struggles with a fragile economy and ecology, as well as a shrinking workforce, it has to do more business with fewer resources and funding. The State needs to find responsible ways to save money and reduce its negative impact on the environment, which will help position California as a desirable IT employer.   The purpose of the California IT – A Commitment to Green Project is to reduce the State’s adverse impact on the environment and position itself as a desirable IT employer by providing Green guidelines and best practices for IT business solutions and promoting a mobile workforce.

DISCLAIMER (06/18/2009):  The documents posted on this website were last updated June 4, 2009, and they will not be updated on this site again.  For future information and updates about teleworking, visit the Department of General Services (DGS) website.  For future information and updates about green IT best practices and green IT policies, visit the California Department of Technology website.



Green IT Best Practices
Asset Lifecycle-Green IT Best Practices (pdf)
Data Center Power Reductions (pdf)
Green Organizational Standards Best Practices (pdf)
Green Practices through IT Solutions (pdf)
Green Printing Best Practices (pdf)
PC Power Management (pdf)
Server Virtualization-Green IT Best Practices (pdf)

Telework Resources
Telework Resource Listing (pdf)
Telework IT Roles and Descriptions (pdf)
Keys to Telework Success (pdf)
Managers’ Keys to Telework Success (pdf)
Telework Policy Template  (Department of General Services will release template after final reviews and approvals)

Drafted Policies
Economic and Sustainable Addendum (pdf)
Low Power Computing (pdf)
Paper Reduction (pdf)
Power Management and Shutdown (pdf)


Project Documentation
Project Charter (pdf)
Project Plan (pdf)
Organization Plan (pdf)
Communication Management Plan (pdf)
Quality Management Plan (pdf)
Marketing Plan (pdf)

Class Member List (pdf)
Class Member Photo 1 (jpg)
Class Member Photo 2 (jpg)
Class Member Photo 3 (jpg)
Executive Institute 2009 (pdf)
Final Project Presentation (pdf)