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Congratulations to the ITLA 23 Class of 2015 – 2016!

The graduation ceremony and celebration for the ITLA 23 class members took place on June 10th, 2016. The class consisted of 30 students from 25 unique departments.

This year, the ITLA 23 curriculum started with a two-day course in Leadership Branding where the cohort explored the five practices of exemplary leadership. Next, they learned that “learning how to unlearn is the most important thing for a leader” in the “Using Your Brain to Win: The Human Factor” class. ITLA 23 then studied advanced business writing techniques and learned to communicate under pressure in their “Executive Presentations” day. They explored intricate details of their home department’s budget and were able to apply what they learned by viewing the Governor’s Budget Presentation on January 7th. The new year also brought the Walk Like a Leader assignments when each participant receives a day-in-the-life experience shadowing various executive level program and state IT leaders.

In February, ITLA participants were featured prominently at the CIO Academy (February 24th-25th). Each member of ITLA 23 was assigned to teams for delivering content for the breakout sessions.

Finally, the class put the final touches on two class projects that were part of the program this year.

One project addresses the severe shortage of IT professionals and leaders that California state government faces in the coming years. The California Mentor Program (CaMP) project enhances the skills of the State’s IT staff through intensive one-on-one mentoring. State IT leaders and technical experts mentor IT staff (mentees), to enhance their skills and expand their careers. Mentors and mentees meet a few hours a month, over a six-month time period. Mentors benefit, as they foster and guide future IT leaders for the state, and mentees benefit, as they learn from successful leaders and experts in the technology field. Ms. Deborah Cunningham (DHCS) was the Project Manager of the team.

The California Security Jumpstart Project fills a vital role by providing tools that help state departments classify and categorize their information assets and craft solid business requirements for projects. Sponsored by the California Information Security Office and the Governor’s Office of Emergency Services, this award-winning project will minimize the risk and potential of a disclosure, breach and/or destruction of Californians’ information assets. Ms. Francoise Le (OSI) was the Project Manager of the team.

The future of technology within the State of California looks very bright thanks to the ITLA 23 class and its many hundreds of hours focused on these two valuable and sustainable projects.

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