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Section 1: ITLA XVIII References

Section 2: ICP References

Section 3: Project Research

Section 4: Consolidation Roadmap

Section 5: Organizational Change Management

Leading Change, by John Kotter, Harvard Business Press, 1996

“Managing Change in the Workplace”, by Leslie Allan

Kotter Principles from

Prosci’s ADKAR Model from


Assembly Bill 2408 - Assembly Bill 2408 passed in the California Legislature in September 2010. The bill codified the consolidation mandates into California Government Code. The consolidation mandates are detailed in Executive Order (EO) S-03-10, signed by then-Governor Schwarzenegger, directing all Executive Branch departments to participate in the consolidation efforts.

Active Directory
A directory service created by Microsoft that stores, organizes, and provides secure access to information through a directory. For example it is used in Outlook and allows a current user to lookup names to send an email.

Agency Information Officer

A copy of a file, system or other digital data stored on media in order to restore said file, or system in case of damage or loss.

Carbon footprint
Term used to describe the amount of greenhouse gas emissions created by an organization, event, product or person.

California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation

California Department of Food and Agriculture

California Department of Public Health

California Emergency Management Agency

California Government Enterprise Network

California Highway Patrol

Chief Information Officer

Consolidated infrastructure
A reduction in data center infrastructure though the consolidation and standardization of hardware, using solutions such as virtualization and shared storage.

California State Government Network

Desktop Standardization
Standards set at the state level for management of IT desktops in order to provide Department/Agency help desk and desktop support capabilities. This includes but is not limited to; memory, storage, and patch management specifications.

Desktop support capabilities
Amount of support and knowledge capacity in the unit that specifically supports user office hardware and software, including PC’s, monitors, laptops, and office printers.

DGS: Department of General Services

DHCS: Department of General Services

Department of Health Care Services

Department of Mental Health

Department of Finance

Domain name
An identification label that defines or identifies a specific location using Internet Protocol(IP) resources such as a web site

Employment Development Department

The discovery in litigation of information kept in digital format.

California’s centralized electronic Global Address List

California’s E-mail Hygiene and Encryption Service

Enterprise Architecture
The effort to identify and enforce standards at the Department, Agency, or State level on how IT systems are created, including but not limited to types of hardware and software that are supported.

EO S-03-10
Executive Order S-03-10

Executive Order S-03-10
The executive order signed by then-Governor Schwarzenegger that directed Executive Branch departments to participate in consolidation efforts.

Federated Data Center

Federated IT model
Where the state CIO holds primary responsibility for architecture, common infrastructure , services and standards, while each of the agencies IT departments hold primary responsibility for application resources.

Franchise Tax Board

Green IT
California’s effort to reduce the State’s carbon footprint through the use of standardized power management technologies.

High Achievment Learning Organization – a virtual training resource.

Help Desk
A group or service that allows users to reach a technician who can help troubleshoot issues with IT hardware and software.

 Infrastructure Consolidation Program – a program aimed at improving the State’s information technology (IT) efficiency, effectiveness, agility, security, and reliability while reducing costs and energy usage. These goals will be achieved through the consolidation of six areas related to IT infrastructure:

  1. Desktop standardization and Green IT
  2. Server, Virtualization, Storage, and Backup
  3. IT Facilities
  4. Network
  5. E-mail, Directory, and Collaboration
  6. Security

IT Facilities
Services surrounding operational factors involved in a Data Center, including cooling, electrical, and other environmental and spatial work

Information Technology Leaders Academy

Information Technology Managers Academy

Mail hygiene
Hardware, software or combination system designed to eliminate or block intrusion of spam, phishing, or other malicious electronic mail from large scale email delivery services.

Large scale computer platform utilized by large organizations to process critical applications consisting of bulk data processing.

Mainframe University
Term used by a California Department to refer to a training program used to train new staff on legacy mainframe topics and skills

Managed Services
A method used by service providers to provide IT services to a client, such that the client is not responsible for IT upkeep.

Microsoft Hyper-V
Microsoft’s virtualization solution

Multiprotocol Label Switching

Minimum Qualifications

A collection of computer and devices interconnected by communications channels.

Organizational Change Management

Operational Level Agreement (OLA)
An internal document outlining the agreement for services provided between two entities in an organization for the maintenance of daily operation.

Office of Systems Integration

The Office of Technology Services, which is one of three offices under the California Technology Agency.

An overview of the steps to take to accomplish a major task. The “roadmap” in this website relates to the infrastructure consolidation program (ICP).

Server Virtualization
A software implementation of a machine (server) that executes programs as would a hardware machine (server).

Service Level Agreement (SLA)
A service contract where levels of service provided or expected are clearly defined.

Structured Query Language

System for digitally storing data.

Technology Agency
California Technology Agency

Tier III Data Center
A Data Center that provides multiple independent distribution paths serving its IT equipment, all of which must be dual-powered, and able to sustain a 99.982% or better service availability level

A major software company that specializes in remote and virtual platform capabilities

Wide Area Network

Water Resources Control Board