Consolidation Wiki, Power Management Scorecard Workshops, Change Readiness Initiative and More

IT Consolidation Update: September 23, 2010

The OCIO's Infrastructure Consolidation Program (ICP) has been actively pursuing California's IT consolidation agenda to reduce costs and increase efficiency in state government. Executive Order (EO) S-03-10 signed by the Governor in February 2010 serves as a road map for the transformation of the state's technology program with specific goals to standardize IT governance, increase transparency in spending, achieve cost savings and reduce energy usage by 30% from IT operations by 2012, among other improvements.

Recent activities include the launch of a Consolidation Wiki, Power Management Scorecard Training workshops, a discussion with the State Enterprise Architecture (EA) Council and a change readiness initiative to help the OCIO work with employees across the state who may be impacted by the consolidation.

The Consolidation Wiki for workgroups to collaborate and share information is part of California's Information Technology Wiki, hosted by the OCIO. This resource was created to provide a place for members of the state IT community to share information and collaborate. Please feel free to sign up for an account (limited to those with state government e-mail addresses). All IT consolidation-related public documents will be posted on the Consolidation Wiki on an ongoing basis. If you would like continual updates, you can also subscribe to our RSS feed.

At five separate events in August and September, more than 80 state IT staff responsible for desktop and laptop management attended Power Management Scorecard Training Forums. The forums provided training to agencies on the reporting of power management activities, a requirement of EO S-03-10, which also calls for the reduction in the amount of energy utilized by IT and telecommunications equipment by 10 percent by July 1, 2010, by 20 percent by July 1, 2011, and by 30 percent by July 1, 2012. Trainers whom also developed the scorecards received high marks for their hands-on training. A copy of the toolkit provided is posted to the Green IT and Desktop Standardization Wiki. In November, an initial scorecard reporting progress on this initiative will be posted.

On September 7, the consolidation team presented an overview of IT consolidation to the State Enterprise Architecture (EA) Council. This included a discussion on policy, standards and practices related to IT Consolidation. A copy of the presentation can be found here on the Consolidation Wiki.

The ICP project team is also in the process of assessing agency and department organizational change readiness and how to best reach those state IT employees impacted by the consolidation effort. Earlier this month, the OCIO released a survey to obtain input from a sample of employees, completed online. The feedback was used for a day-long workshop held on September 23rd to help the ICP Communications Team improve their strategies to educate staff, answer questions and eliminate any misconceptions related to the ongoing effort to consolidate California's technology infrastructure.

Approved by the Legislature in late August, AB 2408 puts into law the requirements in Governor Schwarzenegger's EO S-03-10 for agencies under his authority to:

  • Reduce the total amount of energy utilized by information technology and telecommunications equipment by 10 percent by July 1, 2010, by 20 percent by July 1, 2011, and by 30 percent by July 1, 2012,
  • Reduce data center square footage by 25 percent by July 2010 and by 50 percent by July 2011,
  • Begin hosting all mission critical public facing applications to a Tier III data center no later than September 2010, and begin closing all existing server rooms that house non-network equipment by June 2013.
  • Begin migrating from their existing network services to the California Government Network (CGN) no later than July 2010,
  • Transition to the state's shared e-mail security and encryption solution by no later June 2010,
  • Migrate to the state's shared e-mail solution by no later than June 2011,
  • Develop and maintain enterprise architecture plans in compliance with the statewide enterprise architecture policies and standards as established by the OCIO; and
  • Participate in activities coordinated by the Office of Information Security for response to security incidents and cyber security threats.

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