Technology Agency Issues Updated Policy on IT Acquisition Planning

The California Technology Agency (Technology Agency) has published Information Technology Policy Letter (ITPL) 11-05 concerning changes to the current Information Technology Acquisition Plan (ITAP) process. The ITPL is available at the Technology Agency Web site located at: Agency Chief Information Officers (CIO) and Department CIOs are requested to forward a copy of this transmittal to their respective Agency Secretaries and Department Directors.

ITPL 11-05, implements the following changes to the current ITAP process:

  • Only ITAPs for certain categories of IT goods and services are subject to California Technology Agency (Technology Agency) review and approval.
  • ITAPs for acquisition categories not subject to Technology Agency review and approval are delegated to Department Directors and Agency or Department Chief Information Officers (CIOs) for review and approval.
  • The notification method for Emergency Exemption acquisitions will follow the process for providing informational copies of department-approved ITAPs to the Technology Agency.
Questions regarding this ITPL should be directed to Fei Collier, Deputy Director, OTech Customer Delivery Division, at