OCIO Releases Policy Letter on 411 Directory Assistance

State Technology Update September 22, 2010

The Office of the State Chief Information Officer (OCIO) has published Information Technology Policy Letter (ITPL) 10-12, aimed at reducing charges for 411 directory assistance. 

Under the new policy, executive branch agencies are required to implement procedures to reduce 411 service charges and, where practical, restrict access to 411 services for both landline and wireless telephones.

The State of California’s use of 411 services cost, depending on the provider, between $1.25 and $1.79 per call, with statewide usage patterns indicating approximate costs of $165,600 to $180,000 annually. 

Many Web sites on the Internet have been created that provide no-cost alternatives to the use of 411.  In addition, there exists telephone numbers that provide directory assistance at no cost.  Such alternatives include:

State employees with questions regarding this ITPL should be directed to your OCIO Program Management Office (PMO) representative.  A listing of PMO Managers and Principals, their departmental assignments, and department delegated cost thresholds can be found at the OCIO Web site located at: http://www.cio.ca.gov/Contact_Us/staff_assignments.html

Contact: Bill Maile (916) 549-2845