OCIO Issues Policy Letter on IT Accessibility

State Technology Update July 26, 2010

The Office of the State Chief Information Officer (OCIO) has published Information Technology Policy Letter (ITPL) 10-10 to address improvements in IT and assistive technologies that have occurred over time.  The purpose of this ITPL is to:

  • Announce updates to the State Administrative Manual (SAM) regarding IT accessibility. 
  • Remind all state agencies of the IT accessibility requirements for individuals with disabilities, including reviewing and updating Web pages, as needed. 
  • Announce the addition of an IT Accessibility Resource Guide to the Statewide Information Management Manual (SIMM Section 25).
  • Announce changes to the Feasibility Study Report (FSR) (SIMM Section 20), Special Project Report (SPR) (SIMM Section 30), Project Summary Package (SIMM Sections 20B and 30B), and IT project procurement documents to include additional detail concerning accessibility for proposed IT projects.
  • Announce accessibility certification requirements for IT projects, both those reportable to the OCIO (SIMM Sections 20A and 30A) and for delegated projects (SIMM Section 25A).

Agency Chief Information Officers and Department Chief Information Officers are requested to forward a copy of this ITPL to Project Management Offices, IT Project Managers, Human Resources organizations, and others as appropriate within their respective organizations.

Questions regarding this policy should be directed to your OCIO PMO representative.  A listing of PMO Managers and Principals, their departmental assignments, and department delegated cost thresholds can be found at the OCIO Web site located at: http://www.cio.ca.gov/Contact_Us/staff_assignments.html

Contact:  Bill Maile (916) 549-2845