OCIO Issues Policy to Strengthen IT Project Oversight

State Technology Update - May 27, 2010

The Office of the State Chief Information Officer (OCIO) has published Information Technology Policy Letter (ITPL) 10-07 to update the California Project Management Methodology (CA-PMM) Project Status Report template, the CA-PMM Reference Manual, the Enterprise Architecture (EA) Developers Guide and the submittal schedules for information technology reporting and planning documents.

The CA-PMM updates strengthen the OCIO's IT Project review and oversight capability by requiring additional project schedule and project cost expenditure data used to develop key performance indicators. The EA updates strengthen the OCIO's activities to implement IT initiatives supporting statewide changes in business approaches and processes. Finally, the submittal schedule updates standardizes the submittal periods for providing various IT planning and reporting documents to the OCIO, eliminating the need to publish submittal schedule updates annually.

Specifically, the ITPL announces:

  • Requirements for reporting cumulative actual project cost information for IT projects.
  • Requirements for reporting System Development Life Cycle metrics for certain high criticality/risk projects with total project costs exceeding $25 million.
  • Changes to the CA-PMM PSR template.
  • Changes to the requirement regarding the use of Microsoft (MS) Project (2007 or later) project scheduling software.
  • Changes to the procedures and schedule for submitting PSRs, Independent Project Oversight Reports, and Project Schedules.
  • Updates to the EA Developers Guide to include templates for collecting and reporting Service Component Reference Model information.
  • Updates to standardize the reporting schedules for other IT reports and activities, including the timeframe for submitting Feasibility Study Reports (FSR), Special Project Reports, FSR-Reporting Exemption Requests, IT Acquisition Plans, and EA Inventory Packages to the OCIO.

State staff with questions regarding project reporting should contact the Project Management Office (PMO). A listing of PMO Managers and Principals, their departmental assignments, and department delegated cost thresholds can be found at the OCIO Web site located at: http://www.cio.ca.gov/Contact_Us/staff_assignments.html.

Questions regarding EA should be directed to Lee Mosbrucker, Enterprise Architect at (916) 403-9624, or by e-mail at Lee.Mosbrucker@state.ca.gov.

When the OCIO was established in January 2008, it was the intent of the Legislature and Governor to create an agency that, among other things, establishes policies and standards to ensure that state information technology systems run effectively. Through changes to the State Administrative Manual and the Statewide Information Management Manual, the OCIO creates statewide policy for the Executive Branch to ensure coordination as the agency works to oversee IT activities with a common direction and vision.

Contact: Bill Maile (916) 549-2845