OCIO Takes Action to Help Fight Climate Change, Reduce Energy Usage, Costs

State Technology Update - April 17, 2009

In an effort to reduce energy consumption, costs and redundancy at state facilities, the Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) has issued Information Technology Policy Letter (ITPL) 09-04 which requires the Office’s approval for any new computer room construction, including expansion or modification to existing facilities.

The new policy is the first step of a statewide initiative to assess the utilization of state computer servers to find ways to consolidate, virtualize and reduce overall costs. In a November 2008 statewide survey of IT assets conducted by the OCIO, it was determined that the state had at least 405 dedicated data centers and server rooms, totaling at least 408,732 square feet of floor space throughout the state.

Computer rooms, as defined in the ITPL, include any space that houses computer operations, which could utilize mainframes, servers, or any computer resource functioning as a server.

Specifically, ITPL 09-04:

  • Requires approval by the OCIO prior to the expansion, modification, or new construction of computer room space;
  • Defines exemptions to this policy in case of emergencies; and
  • Outlines the procedures agencies shall use to initiate the OCIO review process.

When the Office of the Chief Information Officer was established in January 2008, it was the intent of the Legislature and Governor to create an agency, to among other things, establish policies and standards to ensure that state information technology systems run effectively. Through the State Administrative Manual (SAM) and the Statewide Information Management Manual (SIMM), the OCIO creates statewide policy for the Executive Branch to ensure coordination throughout state government. Information Technology Policy Letters modify the SAM and SIMM which establish major policies as the agency works to oversee the state’s IT activities with a common direction and vision.

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