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The following resources provide policy, standards, and guidelines to assist state agencies in the development and maintenance of their Technology Recovery Plan (TRP), business continuity plan and technology recovery management programs.

Also see our Frequently Asked Questions regarding Technology Recovery Planning


State Administrative Manual (SAM)

The SAM is a central point for statewide policies, procedures, regulations and information developed and issued by authoring agencies such as this Office, the Department of Finance (Finance), Department of General Services (DGS), and Governor's Office. The following SAM policies directly relate to technology recovery and business continuity requirements.

Topic SAM Section
Business Continuity with Technology Recovery 5325
Technology Recovery Plan 5325.1
Technology Recovery Training 5325.2
Technology Recovery Testing 5325.3
Alternate Storage and Processing Site 5325.4
Telecommunications Services 5325.5
Information System Backups 5325.6

Statewide Information Management Manual (SIMM)

The following SIMM sections are applicable to Technology Recovery Plan requirements.

Topic Section Explanation
Designation Letter (doc) 5330-A The Designation Letter provides the California Office of Information Security with a contact for the agency's Information Security Officer, Technology Recovery Coordinator, and Privacy Program Coordinator designees. This letter is due by January 31st of each year and within 10 business days if changes occur.
Technology Recovery Plan Instructions (pdf) 5325-A This document identifies ten (10) sections that describe the minimum requirements that an agency must include as components of its Technology Recovery Plan.
Technology Recovery Program Certification (doc) 5325-B Agencies must file this Certification every year. Use of the Cross Reference Worksheet is optional if the TRP submission follows the SIMM 5325-A format.


Schedule for Submission of Technology Recovery Plans

The Schedule for Submission of Technology Recovery Plans indicates the due date for each organization. The schedule can be sorted by Organization Code (Org. Code), State Agency, and Submission Date.

Due to the confidential nature of the TRP, please hand deliver all TRP’s to our office at:

California Information Security Office
10860 Gold Center Drive, Suite 200
Rancho Cordova, CA  95670

Upon arrival, please go to the 2nd floor security desk (Suite 200). The security desk staff will contact someone from our office to pick up your materials. 

Note:  If you choose to mail in the TRP, be sure to confirm delivery with your selected courier service prior to sending, contracted Delivery/Courier Services may not deliver to the PO Box or to the physical address. 


Continuity Planning

The following links to the Governor's Office of Emergency Services' (Cal OES) Continuity Planning Maintenance Program requirements.

Topic Section
Cal OES Continuity Planning N/A

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