State IT Policy, Standards, Instructions
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As the state’s central organization on Information Technology (IT), the California Department of Technology (CDT) is responsible for establishing and enforcing statewide IT strategic plans, policies and standards. Through this website, the Department of Technology brings greater clarity to IT policies, standards, instructions, and guidelines regarding IT operations, security, project approval, procurement, enterprise architecture and oversight.

IT Policy Resources

        • Sections numbered from 05 to 80 and Sections 5300 et seq. contain standards, procedures, schedules, instructions, forms and templates that must be used to comply with policy.
        • Sections numbered from 110 to 200 contain guidelines, models and forms that state agencies will find useful, but their use is not required.
        • Summary of What Changed in SIMM
  • Technology Letters (TL) – contains official communications regarding state IT, including new (or changes to existing) IT policies, procedures, services or standards.
  • Memoranda – contains reminders, clarifications and notification of changes that may affect IT, but do not change state IT policies and procedures.

Additional Resources

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