Infrastructure Consolidation Program

Executive Overview - The California Department of Technology (CDT) provides leadership for the State's information technology programs and works collaboratively with other information technology leaders throughout state government. CDT's role, as outlined in the Information Technology Strategic Plan, includes minimize overlap, redundancy and cost in state IT operations.

Infrastructure Consolidation Program - established by Executive Order S-03-10 and codified throgh AB 2408 of 2010 to improve the State IT's efficiency, effectiveness, agility, security and reliability while reducing costs and energy usage. It is expected to make the best use of scarce state technical resources in an increasingly complex computing world.

ScorecardsPublished report cards measures progress towards achieving the EO goals and objective. Each consolidation area contains scorecards, representing the various phases of the consolidation initiative and the progress made in implementation of the objective. Summaries and status will be updated when significant progress is made toward one of the EO objectives.