Systems Software Specialist Series
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Our Systems Software Specialists (SSS) are technical advisors who act as consultants to other information technology personnel in solving system problems and achieving the best use of available hardware and software resources. As an SSS, your role may be as a lead person or supervisor over other personnel. You may also work to coordinate and ensure effective operations of complex multiple hardware and software.

What You'll Do

  • Perform website development, implementation, and maintenance.
  • Support enterprise system platforms and design data recovery architecture.
  • Process and provide the highest level support for the CDT multi-protocol network including the installation, configuration and support of firewalls, switches, routers, network load balancers, Virtual Private Networks, Firewall DMZs, VLANS, and Optical services.
  • Troubleshoot and respond to service requests involving more complex hardware and/or software problems affecting a large number of users.

Career Path

Learn, grow, and advance your career as an SSS at the Department of Technology. Below includes the starting and maximum salaries for each level:

To learn more, please download a copy of our Systems Software Specialist (SSS) Series brochure.