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Department of Technology (CDT) benefits may vary depending on applicable labor contract agreements and type of appointment. The following is a general description of benefits that are available to most State civil service employees.

We Offer Excellent Benefits

Health Insurance Select from a variety of comprehensive and low-cost health benefit plans that best meet your family's needs.
Dental Insurance Select a dental plan that is right for you and your family.
Vision Care Insurance Automatically enroll into the State's Vision Program.
Retirement Plans Ensure your retirement by supplementing your State-sponsored pension plan with 401k or 457 plan contributions.
College Savings Plan Save money for higher education (for yourself or someone else) with ScholarShare, the State’s 529 college savings plan.
Adjustable Work Schedules We offer adjustable work schedules for many of our positions, based on duties and business needs.
Paid State Holidays Receive 11 paid State holidays each year.
Paid Personal Holiday Upon qualification, full-time employees are eligible to receive one day off of their choice each year, with their supervisor's approval.
Sick Leave, Vacation, and Annual Leave Earn Sick Leave and Vacation credits. Or eligible employees may participate in the Annual Leave program, which replaces traditional Sick Leave and Vacation credits. As your years of State service increase, the Vacation/Annual Leave allowance increases.
Bereavement Leave Full-time employees are authorized bereavement leave for the death of a person related by blood, marriage, adoption, or for any person residing in the immediate household at the time of death.
Military Leave You may be allowed to take up to 30 calendar days with pay for Military Leave each year.
Long-Term Care and Legal Insurance Plans Optional enrollment is available.
Peer Support Program We offer a free, informal resource to talk privately and confidentially with a Peer Supporter (fellow employee) about any professional or personal issues.
Employee Assistance Program Confidential consultation, assessment and referrals as well as support groups, wellness programs, meetings, and seminars available for both you and your family.
Director’s Annual Recognition Program We annually recognize and reward outstanding employee accomplishments.
Commute Incentives Qualify for public transit discounts, transit subsidies, vanpooling, and carpooling.
Free Parking Free parking is available at our Rancho Cordova locations.